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If there’s one question that’s relevant to everyone, be they (prospective) nanny or parent, it’s the thorny subject of… money.

Nanny salaries are dependent, as in any industry, on a huge number of factors – and, in our experience, almost always depend on individual circumstance and/or experience. We all know what a nightmare (and how expensive!!) good childcare is in the UK with the result that demand for skilled, experienced and – above all – reliable nanny candidates far outranks availability.

A few considerations worth bearing in mind:

  • London has a higher demand for experienced nannies than almost anywhere else in the UK. I know, I know…
  • Highly skilled and/or experienced nannies may be more likely to charge a higher wage.
  • Perfectly fluent (and/or native) English speakers often (but not always) command higher salaries.
  • A graduate, or a nanny with specific relevant experience (a qualified nurse or an experienced nursery nurse, for example), may expect a higher salary than a nanny who does not hold any qualifications in their vocational field, BUT… this is not always the case.
  • If the role is part time and/or offers only a few hours in the afternoon or requires a great deal of flexibility, which prevents someone from obtaining another part time role, the salary requested may be higher to accommodate basic living costs.

Checks, Vets and Refs

It’s critically important to us at Granny as Nanny that all the right checks are carried out to ensure that we can make a positive – and safe – match between nanny and family.

This is why we request the details of FOUR referees from prospective nannies so that we can carry out the appropriate checks (additionally, we would urge you to follow up all references that are provided, either by phone or by email) and why DBS checks are mandatory for any nanny wishing to register with us.

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