Your questions answered...

1. I don’t want to work full-time – is that going to be a problem?

Answer: Far from it! For many parents, their biggest problem is that once their children are at school, full-time, they no longer require full-time childcare. In fact, here’s a huge discrepancy between the number of parents desperate for part-time childcare – and child carers who are available to provide exactly that!

2. I don’t have any formal qualifications or prior experience, other than raising my own children – would I still be considered?

Answer: Granny as Nanny was conceived with people like you in mind! Many of the parents we speak to tell us that the most important factors for them when it comes to childcare are reliability and kindness – very few put professional qualifications at the top of their list. We consider each application on its own merits and are always looking for the best possible fit between family and prospective nanny.

3. Am I responsible for paying my own taxes?

Answer: No. Your employer is responsible for paying your taxes – the pay you receive (usually weekly) goes straight into your pocket!

4. Is it possible to work on a flexible or ad hoc basis?

Answer: Absolutely. Many of the parents we speak to are often looking for a few hours’ care p/week or need temporary or emergency care when they are either waiting for a nursery place, or need additional help in the school holidays. This is perfect for a nanny who is seeking to secure a more flexible or short-term commitment.

5. How long must I commit to a nanny position?

Answer: That’s entirely between you and your family. In general, we’d expect a commitment of at least a year, but the arrangement you come to with your family may be on more of an ad hoc basis. Most families are looking for a long-term commitment as it’s incredibly stressful (and expensive!) for parents to keep recruiting nannies – and it’s equally unsettling for the children involved.

6. What duties am I likely to be expected to perform?

Answer: It varies considerably between families, but – as a general rule – nannies are responsible for light housekeeping duties that relate to the children, simple meals for the children, laundry for the children and driving them to and from school/activities, as well as some errands.

7. Do I have to pay a fee?

Answer: No! Nannies never have to pay for our service.

8. How many hours per day should I expect to work?

Answer: That entirely depends on you! If you work a full day, it might be something like 8am ‘til 6pm, but every family’s circumstance is different – a family might require after school care only, or simply a number of hours p/week on a flex-basis.

9. If I decide to apply, what happens next?

Answer: We’ll be in touch with you within 24 hours of receiving your completed application form and run through it with you. From there, your application and references will be thoroughly screened. Once this has happened, we will create a profile for you that we can share with prospective employers (including photos, a short video and your likes, dislikes etc) and then we can start to introduce you to families who we feel you’d be a good fit for – until you find the one that’s right for you!

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