After school nanny

What to expect…

  1. After-school nannies usually work c.4 hours per day, between two and five days a week. Hours are commonly 3pm – 7pm, but every prospective employer and nanny has different requirements.
  2. There may be the opportunity for regular babysitting duties in addition to the agreed number of hours, but this is paid on top of your nanny’s agreed salary.
  3. An after-school nanny is expected to collect your children from school or nursery (think carefully about whether you need a driver).
  4. Your after-school nanny can be expected to take your children home and provide them with snacks and a healthy dinner.
  5. You can expect your nanny to organise and supervise playdates for your children, as well as take them to and from any after school clubs
  6. Your after-school nanny will use their experience, knowledge and skills to further your child’s development while actively engaging with them actively at home, playing games and helping with homework.
  7. You can expect your nanny to ensure communal areas are clean and tidy before handing over to you at the end of the day.
  8. If you require additional hours in the school holidays, you’d be advised to raise this with any prospective nanny from the outset. Most after-school nannies are prepared for the possibility of extra hours during the holidays (and many welcome the extra cash!), while others have their own responsibilities and/or commitments to consider.
  9. Your after-school nanny may be open to additional housekeeping duties, such as laundry, food preparation, dog-walking etc, but these will need to be discuss from the outset as, in most cases, it will require that they take on extra hours on top of the typical ‘after-school’ day.


  1. Most after-school nannies won’t expect much sustenance beyond a cup of tea and a small snack – but be sure to clarify what you’d be happy to provide so as to eliminate any possibility of subsequent misunderstanding or awkwardness.

Employer’s responsibilities

As an employer, you must provide:

  • A valid contract of employment
  • Liability insurance
  • Food
  • Weekly or monthly wage
  • Payment of the nanny’s tax and national insurance