Live out nanny

What to expect…

  1. A live-out nanny usually works up to 10 hours a day, from Monday to Friday, with 8am – 6pm common hours, but you can agree your own arrangement.
  2. There may be babysitting duties attached to the agreed number of hours, which is paid on top of your nanny’s normal salary.
  3. A live-out nanny is expected to undertake all duties that relate to the children, whether it’s bath-time, getting dressed/undressed and/or preparing nutritious meals and helping with homework. Duties will very much depend on the age of the children, as well as an appreciation of what is achievable during their prescribed hours, but this should be a useful guide.
  4. Your live-in nanny will wash, iron and organise the children’s clothes and belongings, as well as ensure that toys are clean and tidied away at the end of the day.
  5. It is your live-in nanny’s job to ensure that your children are active and social, by organising play dates and outings, as appropriate.
  6. A live-in nanny will use their experience, knowledge and skills to further your child’s development, be it through play, activities or homework.
  7. You can expect your live-in nanny to organise/provide/set up activities such as creative arts and crafts, singing, reading, outdoor pursuits, sports, games (indoor and out) as well as all sorts of other learning opportunities.
  8. Your live-in nanny is not expected to take on heavy housework, family cooking or household chores that are not expressly related to the children, unless this is discussed and agreed upon before employment commences.
  9. Your live-out nanny’s duties at the start/end of the day will depend on when they arrive/leave, as well as the ages of your children. Some nannies arrive in time to make breakfast for the children in their care, while others turn up in time to scoop them up for the school-run. At the end of the day, some parents, expect children to be bathed and ready for bed, while others like to get involved with bath-time. In every instance, make sure you make your expectations clear before employment starts to avoid any misunderstanding.


  1. A live-out nanny should be provided with enough food to make herself lunch and snacks during the working day.
  2. You should discuss the types of foods they like to eat and take into account and special dietary requirements.
  3. The nanny should be given the opportunity to request certain foods within reason.

Employer’s responsibilities

As an employer, you must provide:

  • A valid contract of employment
  • Liability insurance
  • Food
  • Weekly or monthly wage
  • Payment of the nanny’s tax and national insurance