Short-term / temporary

There are all sorts of reasons why you might need short-term or temporary childcare:

  • You have appointed a new nanny, but they are not able to start employment for a few weeks or months, so you need someone to fill in.
  • The arrival of a new baby means that you’d benefit from an extra pair of hands to help take care of older children for the first few weeks/months following the baby’s birth.
  • Your current childcare arrangement has come to an end, with immediate effect, so you need someone to bridge the gap while you source a new permanent nanny.
  • A change in your circumstances, be it due to ill health, a change in your usual place of work or overseas travel etc, means that you need to employ a nanny for a specified period of time.

Our Fees

  • For each full or part day that the nanny is employed – £25.00
  • Per week, for the first fortnight of employment – £120.00
  • If you require a nanny for more than a fortnight, discounts will apply, so please call to discuss with us.

Usually, we’d expect most short-term or temporary nannies to be employed on a live-out basis, but if you need emergency overnight/weekend/live-in childcare, please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements on 020 7326 4789.